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Effectiveness of 3D Learning Objects in STEM Education

The recent surge in popularity of 3D Learning Objects and 360-degree video libraries in higher education curricula is transforming the learning experience. These cutting-edge tools offer students a more immersive and interactive experience, promoting a deeper understanding of complex concepts and enhancing material retention. We delve into research and case studies that demonstrate the efficacy of these content types for curriculum support, particularly through the Virtual Reality Education System (VRES). VRES is an LTI integration within Learning Management Systems (LMS) designed to provide seamless access to 3D Learning Objects and 360-degree videos for faculty and instructional designers.


The VRES product has garnered praise, bagging the Global Impact Award from the United States Distance Learning Associates (USDLA).


Several studies underscore the effectiveness of 3D Learning Objects and 360-degree video libraries in enriching students’ learning experiences:


  1. Boosted Engagement and Retention: A study revealed that students interacting with 3D Learning Objects and 360-degree videos showed heightened engagement and retained course material better than their peers who only had access to conventional 2D resources.

  2. Enhanced Grasp of Complex Concepts: Research from prestigious institutions like Harvard and Oregon State highlighted that the use of 3D Learning Objects and 360-degree videos significantly boosted students’ comprehension of intricate concepts in STEM subjects. This was possible as students could visualize and examine these concepts from different angles and perspectives.

  3. Improved Spatial Reasoning Skills: Additional studies indicated that students interacting with 3D Learning Objects and 360-degree videos exhibited improved spatial reasoning skills, a critical requirement for success in many STEM fields.

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